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The United Way Harnesses The Power of Video

All geared up and ready to film at Over the Edge 2022!

Each year the United Way of Nashua hosts a remarkable fundraising event called “Over the Edge” where participants can raise money to repel down the Brady Sullivan Building on Elm Street in Manchester, NH. The event is unique for a few reasons, the first of course, is you don’t often see people doing something as daring as repelling down a 22 story building, but the event is unique in the non-profit space as well, because participants can raise money for any charity or cause that they want.

In previous years the United Way has helped raise over $100,000 for various New Hampshire and New England based non-profits, and this year Heart Stop Media was proud to be the official video production company covering the event.

We started our day at 7:30 am, getting briefed on safety, and getting suited it up for the shooting video on the roof. All of our camera equipment (and ourselves!) had to be secured as we were leaning over the edge to get the perfect shot of participants repelling down the side of the building.

After we got some amazing shots of the participants repelling down the building, we shot some before and after interviews with the repellers. We wanted to know if they had any famous last words, and of course, afterwards, if they would do it again!

Bringing high quality video content to the United Way was an important part of the day. Marketing is important for any business or organization, even if that organization is a non-profit, and the United Way recognizes the power of video marketing. We’ll be taking the clips we filmed at this year’s Over the Edge, and putting them together to serve as a promo for next year’s event, which will help the United Way get even MORE particpants.

We can also use the video to highlight the unique fundraising events that the United Way does in general. The video we shot at Over the Edge 22 can be placed on the United Way’s website, run as a Facebook or YouTube ad for a fundraiser, or split into smaller bits of “micro content” that they can use on their social media channels.

If you’re interested in leveraging video for your business or organization, give us a call today!

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