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Video Consulting: Cross Country Mortgage Case Study

Video is taking over the internet. Almost all social media platforms are video based now. Mark Zuckerberg himself has said that by 2025, Facebook could be nearly a completely video-centric website. Even apps like Instagram, which was the world’s biggest photo sharing app, has announced that they themselves no longer consider Instagram to be a photo app, but instead a video app. And then of course you also have video website giants like Tiktok and YouTube, which continue to grow every single year.

Typically when we work with a business, we’re producing content for them, but that’s not always the ideal situation. Some businesses need ongoing video, and hiring a professional service can be cost prohibitive. If you have a team member who you can delegate video production to, that can be a great way to produce recurring video for your business. We all have amazingly powerful cameras sitting in our pocket, however producing great video is so much more than having a high quality camera. In fact that’s the bare minimum.

When Tony Cardinali from Cross Country Mortgage reached out to us, this is exactly the situation he was in. He knew he wanted to start producing regular educational video content for his customers and peers, but he knew he needed some help to insure his content not only look it’s best, but have value as well.

We headed down to Tony’s office in Westford, MA, and worked with him on the ideation process, scripting, lighting, audio and set design, and more. This is setting Tony up for success to make sure that he has an detailed plan of how to produce content regularly, to make sure that content looks and sounds its best, and to ensure that the videos are in fact, educational, because at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how good your video looks and sounds, if it doesn’t have value for the viewer, you won’t have any viewers!

If you’re interested in learning how to produce your own video for your business, please reach out! We can’t promise that you’ll become a video pro like us, but you will be far ahead of your competitors!

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