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Case Study: Can We Build a Profitable Social Media Account in 12 Months?

After our best year ever in 2021, Heart Stop Media was ready to take to the next stage of marketing our business in 2022: Organic social media growth. We began posting to Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok, Linkedin, YouTube and Twitter (X).

The results were immediate. With only half a dozen posts, leads started to come in. There was only one problem: Like many other businesses, we were understaffed and couldn’t handle the lead flow. No matter what route a business chooses for lead generation, it will produce a mix of serious customers, tire kickers, and people who are simply looking for a service you don’t provide.

We needed someone to filter out these leads for us, but we didn’t have the resources to hire and train that person. We are a small business servicing other small businesses, keeping our staff small and efficient with skilled positions (camera operation, drone pilot, editors, etc…)

So what did we do? We pivoted to creating a new brand from scratch. One that wouldn’t require us to actually sell directly to our audience, but instead we could leverage our audience to be profitable in another way, while simultaneously showing off our social media skills for our clients.

But what should this new account be focused on? That’s when we landed on books. Why books? We are a video marketing agency first and foremost. Creating powerful videos is our bread and butter, but books are visually quite boring, particularly when it comes to video.

Why a Book Brand?

The act of reading is a solo and static endeavor. There is no movement, nothing really to capture in terms of video. In fact, if you look at most of the “bookstagram” accounts online, they are historically very photobased. While book covers make for nice photos, that doesn’t exactly convert into video.

On YouTube the book culture was centered around personalities. Viewers subscribed more for the host’s personal life and quirks than the actual books.

This seemed like a perfect opportunity to showcase our skills…if we can make an account about BOOKS interesting, while almost exclusively using VIDEO, then we knew we could leverage any business with video on social media.

As of the writing of this post, the “Life on Books” brand has just turned one year old. Here are the results:

  • Instagram
    • Most viewed video: 360,000 views
    • Most shared video: 3,000+ shares
    • Most commented on video: 426 comments
  • Tiktok
    • Most viewed video: 491,000 views
    • Most saved video: 10,400 saves
    • Most commented on video 1,535 comments

We actually made our first $100 very on with Tiktok and a 60s sponsored post. Of course, $100 is hardly anything however, consider the fact that we were PAID to post to social media, rather than PAYING to advertise our brand. And, naturally that first $100 was only the beginning. We now have a brand that commands respectable influence, which has lead to many revenue generating opportunities, and only continues to scale.

So how did we do it?

We followed the same exact process we use with our clients:

  • Identify your goals: If you’re post to social media because “that’s what you’re supposed to do” you’re not going to see the results you want. Having a clearly defined goal is important. Common goals:
    • Long term branding to become THE authority in your industry over time
    • Create more lead flow
    • Social proof for customers who are already considering buying with you
    • Giving back to your community with free education
    • Attracting top performers
    • Memorialization: This one may sound strange, but some companies simply want to document their journey, and that’s awesome!
  • Identify your target audience: If your ideal customer is “anyone” then it’s no one, because without a clearly identified audience, you can’t do the following steps
  • Identify your ideal customer’s
    • Interests
    • Fears
    • Obstacles
    • Values
  • Long Term Planning
    • 12+ months worth of content ideas
    • Structured template for your content (making sure everything is speaking the language your customer speaks, and looks identifably as “you”)
    • Create a cohesive message and brand. Create an environment where people know what to expect when they see you’ve made a new post, and because of that, they come running!
  • Batch Systems
    • How to create high quality content in large batches
    • Sometimes weekly, but usually 1-3 months at a time. No more scrambling last minute to figure out what to post that day
  • Metrics analysis
    • Create
    • Deploy
    • Analyze
    • Adjust
    • Repeat*
Even on YouTube where we weren't focused on growing, we've seen big gains in the last few months.

Social media is a LONG TERM play for your brand. Unfortunately, most businesses don’t have the patience and/or the systems in place to figure out what works and what doesn’t and will throw in the towel before they get to that point. However, once you’ve built a core audience of true fans, they are more or less yours for life. Unlike paid ads that go away as soon as you stop paying for them, the influence and reach you get by building an organic social media presence, is worth the wait and effort.

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