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Case Study: The Anatomy of an Effective Ad | Mountain Dogware

Having a video ad with high production quality is great…but that’s not the thing that makes customers click or buy. While the overall look, feel and script of an effective ad will change a lot depending on the business and the product or service they sell, all good ads follow a few basic formats. Here’s one of our favorites:

The Brand Story Ad

Typically we recommend crafting ads based on specific offers, however, sometimes simply having a “broad” or “general” advertisement can work wonders, particularly if your business doesn’t have a wide variety of products. That was exactly the case for our client Mountain Dogware, who essentially sell one product in two different sizes: an emergency harness that allows you to carry your dog like a backpack.

The brand story format should follow three different sections: WHO/WHY/HOW

WHO is behind the company

WHY do they do what they do

HOW does the product or service work

Even if the owner or president or CEO of your company isn’t typically customer facing, it’s always a great idea to include them in a video like this. Customers love to do business with people they know, and whom they trust. Even if your business is on the larger side, putting a name and a face to the person in charge makes your company feel more authentic, approachable and honest.

In the case of Mountain Dogware, we meet the owner, Stefan Keith. We know he is a dog owner, so he invented the product not just to make money, but to solve a real problem that dog owners can experience.

Finally, Stefan reveals some feedback from a customer. This is giving “social proof” that it works. Typically we like to put a real customer on camera here, but that’s not always possible, as was the case with Mountain Dogware, since they ship worldwide. However you can see from the results below that didn’t have a negative impact on the ads performance, which created a huge boost in their sales, and lives pinned to the top of their Facebook page to this day…which is why evergreen content is so powerful.

Click here to see the whole ad

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